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Name: Ollie
Age: 25

Transplant required: Kidney

Ollie Transplant patient Ollie Transplant patient

Transplant patients charity organisation

Harmony Trust would like to offer counselling for anyone suffering the same dilemma of a family member needing an organ transplant whether a kidney or an other organ that could save their lives.

Not knowing when or where an organ will come from is very difficult to bare. It is heartbreaking to watch the demise of a loved one and not being able to help save their life. All we can do is make them as comfortable as possible.

The silly thing is as humans we do have the power to help by offering our own body parts after life,
the trouble is that the thought of having organs removed does put people off, so it is easier to just carry on with ones daily routine and think no more of it. But it is not until a family member is affected that we look at life differently.

One way in which we at Harmony Trust would like to approach the situation is talk to anyone who is thinking about carrying an organ donor card and maybe help waylay any fears of giving organs either their own or a loved ones who have passed away, please rest assured you are not alone in your thoughts.

I recently spoke to a lady who told me they could take all her organs as long as they leave the eyes, well any organ is better than none.

Life is a precious gift whatever it chucks at us, to be able to smell the sweet scent of the flowers to hear the birds singing in the trees to see the wonderful colours, to taste the wine to laugh with friends and to see your family grow up the joys are endless.

So please take some time out to give thought to our brothers and sisters laying in a hospital bed watching the world go by who are hoping and praying that someone else’s kind deed will give them a little more time to enjoy the world and all it's glories.

Can you help Ollie?
Ollie would like to now to raise awareness that he needs a kidney and time is not on his side, he would like to make harmony trust a registered charitable organisation and to be able to tell people in person up and down the country what he is going through, in schools, youth clubs anywhere that will listen and if he can just start to change minds about organ donation his work on this earth will be done.
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