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Henry is a qualified counsellor and started Harmony Trust when he found out that his son needed a kidney transplant, after doctors told him that although being a perfect match, he could not donate the kidney as he had kidney stones and this could have a serious impact upon his own future health.

Henry pleaded with doctors to take his kidney to save his son, they would not budge. Ollie (Henry's son) is still waiting for that perfect match and although several people have offered, most would not be suitable, and other offers were "blasé", and even one person telling us they knew someone who would offer a kidney for £50,000.

We are well aware of the devastation this causes and are here to help those in a similar situation.

Harmony Trust are aiming to raise awareness of organ donation, if you wish to register to be a donor, click the Register link above.

We want to offer free counselling and support for other parents who are going through the same emotional stress as we are. Our aim is to raise greater understanding in helping others come to terms with changing their minds about giving organs after life.

This situation could happen to anyone and affect any family at any time. Don't be alone you can contact Ollie or Henry who will pleased offer free support and empathy.