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The general public are mostly unaware about the suffering and turmoil of everyday life imposed on them by a family member or indeed a friend who needs an organ transplant.

Whether a kidney or any other organ the pressure on me as a dad is sometimes unbearable when you know that unless someone steps forward with an offer or a match is found through a donation after life the situation will only worsen.

To watch the demise of a loved one and the feeling of being powerless to help is totally soul destroying to say the least,
on reading this you will be all too aware, the one thing I have noticed is most people go about their daily routine oblivious to the suffering of someone who needs an organ transplant and yet they as individuals have the power to help by carrying a doner card.
Not one person or organisation has offered any support or counselling to Ollie or myself although there must indeed be many out there, so it is time to act.

Please join hands with Ollie and myself in supporting one another through these most difficult times for the future. Together we will change the worlds attitudes and beliefs in becoming doners and helping others, togather we will endeavour to do this right now.

Anyone who would like our support, whether in need of counselling or just to someone to talk to, or in need of advice, please contact us and leave at least one telephone number and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks and gods love to you.