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The Meaning Of Life

We as physical beings cannot create life experience in another human being, nor can they create in ours, which means that we are our own independant creators. It is us who decides what to do or what not to do. Everything we do we are responsible for our own actions.

As many of us are searching for the meaning or purpose of our lives we need to sense our total being and not just our conscious physical being. Every being who is in physical form at this time is currently receiving communication from another dimension, from their inner being. While there are those who are more aware of the communication from within than others, and while there are differences in the way it is received, every being is receiving communication from their inner being in the form of emotion.

The advantage of receiving information from your inner being is that your inner being has a broader perspective, your inner being has the awareness and knowledge that comes from all life experience, physical and non physical, where as your physical perception is limited to this life time only. So the communication which comes from the inner self is of great value.

As you are feeling positive emotions such as love, peace, happiness, joy, excitement, exhilaration, it is your inner being communicating with you in that moment that you are feeling the emotion, that your thoughts are in harmony with that which you are wanting. As you are experiencing negative emotions such as fear, doubt, anger, hatred, jealousy, stress, guilt, anxiety etc it is a communication from your inner being telling you that in that moment which you are focused upon is not in harmony with what you are wanting.

Now you are wanting to know why you are here and what meaning this physical existence holds for you, try to understand that as you have made the decision to be here to experience life, you have intended to understand through this physical life process the creative process, which you deliberately create within this physical life experience. You as an independant creator will create through deliberate intent or by default, this simply means that every thought you think gives birth to a creation. The thoughts you think regarding to what you want set into motion the creation and eventual fulfillment of that which you want. And likewise the thoughts of which you don't want set into motion the creation and eventual fulfillment of which you don't want, so every thought has a creative power.

Every thought is powerfull, and if brought to the forefront of the mind often enough will eventually manifest into physical actualization, although not every thought is equal in it's strength and ability to create. When you now look back on your past you will understand that the current life experience you are now living was created through your thoughts. Everything you have or don't have was through deliberate intent or default.

If your desire is to have more material things like for example a new car, only you will be the creator of receiving this car by stating that is what you desire and by intending it and allowing it to happen, and then it will be. But most human beings will block their intentions through negative thought coupled with negative emotions thus blocking receiving what they desire.

All thoughts are creative and the more emotion that is present in you at the time a thought is set into motion the faster the creation will be received, contentment only comes from allowing and receiving.

I will talk briefly about the harmful influence of other human beings around you, for example when you start a new day and you have not made any decisions about what you want, it is all too easy to be swept up by the influence of others, or by the confusion of those people around you. Of course the easiest way to avoid negative influence of others is to remove yourself physically, but this is not always possible. Therefore it is important to remove yourself mentally and indeed emotionally, and that you give your conscious thought to that which you want and remove yourself from the conversation regarding that of which you don't want.

It is important to understand that physical beings around you are not always in deliberate control of their own life experience, and are not willing to remove themselves from that influence, and to give conscious thought to that which they want.

So as you enter each new segment of your day, make more decisions about what it is that you want, so that by the law of attraction and the creative process you will draw towards you those experiences that you want and this in turn will no longer attract the experiences you don't want.

Before any creation in your life experience can move forward your intentions must be in harmony with one another, within your physical experience there are many intentions present, if they are harmonious there is forward motion, if they are not harmonious there is a slower forward motion or no motion at all, depending on the degree of disharmony. If you do not identify your dominent intention your creative power is difused, pulling you in many different conflicting directions,thus you have the feeling of standing still, but when you focus on your dominant intentions your focus attention and thoughts will naturally be drawn towards them.

You are here to grow in life experiences to live in harmony with one another by understanding how to create positive thoughts and emotions, and to participate in physical creation. Just as there is no ending to life there is no ending to growth, for both growth and life are eternal or everlasting. And while physical experience does have decided beginings and endings, the ending of physical life experience is certainly not the ending of life nor is it the ending of growth.

While all life experience is growth experience, physical life experience provides an opportunity for a specific sort of growth that is available only through physical life experience. Therefore it is for that reason that each and everyone of us in physical form has so specifically and so deliberately intended, and wanted to be part of this physical life experience.

Henry Harrison